Nike brand advertisement alleged infringement apologizes to NAND gate

Nike brand advertisement alleged infringement apologizes to NAND gate

Nike’s "Just do it generation" video ad has been controversial on the alleged infringement of the "non-door" band music copyright event. Yesterday "Daily Economic News" interviewed Nikkei's director of public relations Zhu Jinqian on the matter. The Other said that Nike's advertising director has already When in Guangzhou, he publicly apologized to the non-door band.

On the 27th, a member of the non-door band revealed to the media that the new advertisement of Nike had used the “1061” and “Sound and Slow” songs in the album without background as the background music of the new advertisement. The person in charge of public relations said that night, the high-level will conduct an investigation and then deal with the matter. Subsequently, Nike immediately removed relevant videos broadcasted through official websites and other channels, and stopped the broadcast of "Just do it generation" TV commercials.

According to Zhu Jinqian, Nike’s many advertising designs in China are entrusted to specialized advertising companies for design and planning. For Nike, the director of the advertising department of the company had sent a public apology to Guangzhou. At the same time, the advertising company in China, Weideng Di Advertising Company, issued a written apology statement, indicating that it was not deliberately caused this time. The occurrence of the incident. As for the amount of compensation for this incident, Zhu Jinqian said that the commissioned advertising company is currently negotiating with a non-domestic attorney, and the specific amount is still uncertain.

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