Shame but cute Peter Jensen06 Spring London Fashion

Shame but cute Peter Jensen06 Spring London Fashion

Peter Jensen used the flag cloth, Loretta Lynn and Elvis Look, and the Model was standing ladder on the runway. The hair style was covered with braids, and the face and arms were deliberately covered. The playful freckles look like the mid-1960s. The pure, innocent young girls dress up in the countryside. The peculiarly visual men's collection is like a small fishing village in northern Denmark that grew up. The clothing worn by the clumsy, charismatic, shy little boys is shining like an idol. This is Peter Jensen's world!

From the spring and summer 2006 show, vaguely, Peter Jensen's design concept is a blend of Sissy Spacek's classic image from Coal Miner`s Daughter to Carrie to the Badlands film; his Sissy girl, Dressed in checkered cotton overalls, uniforms for girl scouts, and dresses made of red denim cloth, etc., they were like their own wooden cabins in the countryside, dressed in lovely plastic beads. The white dress and the housewife who loves sewing are as simple and lovely; in short, Peter Jensen's style of clothing in the spring/summer 2006 collection is a bit shy but cute, fresh, rustic, and full of charm. It reminds people of a warm and simple one. Years, sweet and memorable.

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