Hong Kong Disney President says: Not to enter Shanghai before 2010

Hong Kong Disney President says: Not to enter Shanghai before 2010

Hong Kong Disney CEO says that Disney won't enter Shanghai before 2010

Yesterday, none of the CEOs of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission held a "CEO Forum" in Guangzhou. Like the Hong Kong Disney Chief Executive Officer, An Zhiming, the reporter was "surrounded and blocked" by reporters and "bombarded" in turns. The main reason for the reporter’s containment of him is that since the beginning of this year, Hong Kong Disney has successively appeared a series of events and rumors that caused Chinese tourists’ high attention. “New Year's Rejection of the Guest” and “Shanghai Disney Rumors” have made Hong Kong Disney a media spotlight.

Yesterday, An wisely answered an interview with a reporter in Guangzhou and answered questions of this series of Chinese tourists.

About Shanghai Disney First to Make Hong Kong Disney Success


After the "rejection incident", Disney announced that it will build another Disneyland in Shanghai, and Seoul, South Korea will also build a Disney, so that Asia will have 4 Disneyland, there are reports that Disney uses this form of "franchise" high The density of the sale of the brand, benefit only the Walt Disney Group, while Hong Kong and Shanghai, China will inevitably cause the market to become saturated and waste of resources.

Reporter: It is rumored that another Disney will be built in Shanghai and Seoul will also be built. In this case, there will be four Disneys in Asia. Is it too saturated?

An wise: Disney and Shanghai, Seoul, South Korea, have an agreement on product and consumption, but we have not yet reached any agreement for Disney. If there is any agreement between the two parties in the future, our second theme park in China will not be opened before 2010. My priority is to make Hong Kong Disneyland successful. I am currently doing my best to do this job.

The Asian tourism market is very broad. In the future, a new Disneyland will be completed and the market will never reach saturation. In addition, this summer, we will open 3 new attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland, which is also to meet the needs of more tourists.

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