The amount of trade friction in China has reached a record high next year or more severely

Zhou Xiaoyan, director of the Bureau of Import and Export Fair Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, said on the 21st that the situation facing the fair trade of imports and exports next year will be more complicated and severe, and trade relief work will also face greater pressure, as the market demand of major economies remains sluggish, Enterprises relying heavily on China's market will be more prominent, and the expansion of market share in China by unfair trade may increase.

According to reports, in the context of rising international trade protectionism, the number and amount of trade friction cases encountered in China this year have been record high. As of November, a total of 103 countries and regions have initiated 103 “two anti-two guarantees” trade remedy investigations, including 67 anti-dumping cases, 13 counter-subsidies, 16 safeguard measures and 7 special safeguards. In addition, China has also encountered 6 investigations in the United States. The total amount involved is about 12 billion US dollars.

In response, Zhou Xiaoyan introduced that since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Commerce has initiated 8 anti-dumping investigations and 3 anti-subsidy investigations. It has also decided on 8 anti-dumping cases and 1 countervailing case. In addition, one anti-dumping investigation was terminated and the anti-dumping measures of five imported products were terminated in whole or in part.

Zhou Xiaoyan said that although the economic indicators of major economies in the world have improved, the unemployment rate remains high, the world economic recovery is slow and tortuous, and the competition between countries to protect the domestic market and compete for the international market will continue to be increasingly fierce. Determine the factors. In addition, as more and more developing countries integrate into economic globalization and participate in the international division of labor, the homogeneity of some industries in China and the developing countries will become stronger and the competition will expand, which will also create trade friction.

"The openness of China's market is expanding day by day, and some industries are lagging behind in upgrading and upgrading. They lack core technologies and brands, and they are at a disadvantage in competing with foreign companies." Zhou Xiaoyan said that trade remedy measures will continue to protect domestically in the future. Industrial safety and an important means to promote the sustainable and stable development of the industry.

According to the newer statistics of the WTO, from the fourth quarter of 2008 to the third quarter of 2009, there were 234 new anti-dumping investigations and 23 countervailing investigations. It is estimated that the number of new anti-dumping investigations launched in 2009 will reach 230-250, which will increase by 11%-20% year-on-year; the number of newly launched countervailing investigations will reach 41, an increase of 193%.

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